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Let’s Talk About Sex- Valentine’s Edition

Alcantara, Livia
Written by Livia Alcantara
On February 11, 2022

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so roses, heart-shaped chocolates, and fancy dinner reservations are top of mind for us all. 

What would Valentine’s Day be without a steamy night in the bedroom That’s right; we are talking about sex, baby!   

But not just any sex, safe and enjoyable sex for all. Ready to elevate your sex this Valentine’s Day?   


Setting The Mood

Before getting down to business, let’s chat about healthy relationships.   

Whether you are casually dating or have been married for years, certain things need to be present in your relationship to ensure it’s a healthy and safe one. Being in a healthy relationship is vital for our sexual and psychological well-being as well as our happiness.

Here are a few key aspects of a healthy relationship:   

  1. Treat each other with mutual respect and respect each other’s wishes, goals, and needs.   
  2. Practice honest communication and actively listen. Paying extra close to non-verbal cues as well.   
  3. Provide space and love from afar. You can’t expect someone to spend all of their time with you. Just because someone is seeking their own space doesn’t mean they don’t love you.  
  4. Practice self-respect and care. Your happiness should not be entirely dependent on your partner. Be sure to take time to do what you like and practice self-care.   

Safe Sex Is Always Great Sex  

We know everyone harps about safety, especially on Valentine’s Day, but we needed to add it to the list because it is so important. Having a birth control method in place if you aren’t looking to get pregnant is a must for those with a uterus. Additionally, having a barrier method like condoms or dams is essential to help reduce your risk of STIs and infections when engaging in any sex, including oral, anal, and vagina intercourse.

A big part of staying safe is keeping up with routine screenings and getting tested for common STI’s. If you and your new partner plan to begin having unprotected sex or start using non-barrier-based birth control, it is a good idea to get tested together before hopping in between the sheets! It’s a quick and easy way to reduce your risk. Remember, many STIs don’t show physical symptoms but can have long-term negative health impacts, so getting tested is a great way to detect and treat an STI before it causes implications to your overall health.   


Always Have A Back-Up Plan  

Consent Is So Sexy  

When it comes to sex, there should be no pressure. Deciding if you want to have sex, when you want to have sex, and what kind of sex you want to have are all things that should be discussed and agreed upon together. You always have the right to say no, even to a long-term partner/partners, even if it’s an act you have done before. If your significant other is pressuring you to do something you don’t want to do or aren’t comfortable doing something, that’s a huge red flag. If you choose to consume alcohol this Valentine’s Day, be conscious of your limit and your partner’s limit to ensure sex is consensual.  


Own Your Sexiness  

We aren’t always the most comfortable in our skin, and being naked can truly terrify some of us. But here’s the thing, there’s nothing hotter or sexier than confidence. Do what you got to do to get to that superstar confidence space. Listen to your favorite confidence-boosting playlist, plan an outfit you know you look good in, and you are comfortable in, do your makeup, fix your hair, or look in the mirror and practice positive self-talk. Own your hotness for amplified sex you and your partner will surely enjoy.   


Make It Fun  

Sex is supposed to be fun, but it’s also kind of weird. People make funny sounds, body parts can cause odd sounds, maneuvers can be uncomfortable, and things can feel silly. Relax and take the pressure off. Not every sexual encounter will be rom-com quality, and that’s okay. Make it fun and figure it out together.  


GeniusRx Is Here To Help the Love Alive  

We are all about the love here at GeniusRx. That’s why we work hard to provide affordable FDA-approved medications that help you enjoy sex and keep you safe. We know time is of the essence, so we also offer fast and free delivery to your home so you can get back to enjoying the love quicker. Contact us today or visit our website for more information.  

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