Make medicine intuitive simple personal
Coming soon, a pharmacy offering that people value and trust.
We are a care-based pharmacy by default, not by exception.

We auto sort a patient’s medication by single & multi dose packages, provide free delivery, and on going care guidance that empowers patients to thrive on autopilot forever.

A consumer-friendly, e‑commerce shopping experience.
Patient health and wellness pharmacy dashboard
Real-time Pharmacy Chat and support
Telehealth access and provider support
Online Script Adjudication & insurance coordination
Multi-dose medication packaging, delivery and management
Non-RX and OTC wellness products, support and bundling.
AI-powered, Personalized Treatment plans
We provide care, guidance and a relationship consumers value and trust.
We focus On:
patients of their dispensing options, costs and benefits.
patient scripts, medication regimens, refill schedules and communications.
patients through care-based treatment journey and interactions.
Pharmacy is personal again.

An advanced pharmacy platform (PhaaS).

An AI-powered Patient Engagement and Intelligence engine.

Modern Pharmacy Supply Chain and Fulfillment services.

We've got what it takes.

We bring together an industry expertise, infrastructure, and digital innovation to disrupt at scale.


Our team brings together deep expertise and experience across digital, healthcare, and logistics to drive simplicity at scale.


Supported by Quality King, our advanced and operational, supply chain infrastructure is ready to meet patient delivery needs at scale.


Our lean agile XP software development teams, bring best-in-class software development and innovation capabilities.
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