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Prescribing with GeniusRx
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Rx Price Transparency to Help You Care for Your Patients.

We believe in safe, smart, and affordable treatment options for everyone. With this in mind, GeniusRx was created.

Low-cost option for prescription delivery

We are here to help you give your patients a simple low-cost option for prescription delivery. Our transparent pricing helps with:

Reducing patient callbacks to your office for a different, cheaper Rx

Support Rx adherence with auto-refills and affordability

Patient satistaction


Prescribing with GeniusRx is easy.

Prescribing is easy

Help your patients connect with GeniusRx for affordable Rx options by downloading a patient educational flyer.

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Prescriptions for all

Prescription help for all.

Whether your patient is insured or not insured at all, GeniusRx provides the same low cost for everyone, plus:

Free home delivery

A staff of licensed pharmacists available

100% of medications sourced in the U.S.

Distribution centers in FL and TN

70+ Pharmaceutical Professionals

100+ Pharmaceutical Professionals operating across the country to support growing healthcare demands.

93% satisfaction rate

Over 200,000 prescriptions dispensed

Let’s change pharmacy together

Talk to us about how we, together, can create world-class patient experiences.

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