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Get the 411 on pharmacy news
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Sex & You: How to Have Healthy, Safe, and Fulfilling Sex Throughout Every Stage of Your Life

Ness, Natasha
Written by Natasha Ness
On July 12, 2021

Let’s talk about sex.

We’re getting straight to the point to talk about one of the most taboo topics still today; sex. Today we have some tips to help make your special night (or day) all the more pleasurable. 

Increasing your drive & performance

Men and women both struggle with performance issues:

  • Nearly 52% of men aged 35-70 had some form of performance issues in the bedroom, which can lead to stress, depression and more2.
  • For women of any age, persistent issues with arousal, orgasm, or pain are also a form of sexual dysfunction. This can cause difficulties with the enjoyment of any sexual activity when left untreated.3

There are many causes for these challenges such as drinking, medical conditions, hormonal imbalance, trauma, stress, or even relationship issues, but there are also various treatment options available for you:

Healthy Habits  


Talking to a Professional

 Sexual Health Medications

As always, consult with a doctor on these tactics and if a therapy or medication treatment is right for you.

Birth control pills:

  • Generic Alesse (Levonorgestrel & Eth Estradiol): Combination of estrogen & progestin
  • Generic Camilla (Norethindrone): Contains just progestin

ED medications:

6 Birth control options ranked and studied

When considering protection methods, keep in varying effectiveness and also the side effects. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons ahead of time, so you can focus worry-free on your partner! 

These are just a few options – speak with your doctor for more suggestions on what works best for you. Many contraceptive methods are affected by human error and through typical use1, that effectiveness can decline. 

(1) This information is based on 1 year of use. These methods are advertised as up to 99% effective, in clinical settings, typical use can make that number vary. Typical use is what generally happens in real life. It takes into account human error. Clinical use is how well the method performed when it had been used in a clinical trial.

Sources: (1) Family Planning, & Healthline,  (2) Everyday Health, (3) Mayo Clinic

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