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Why Do My Pills Look Different Each Time I Fill The Same Prescription?

Alcantara, Livia
Written by Livia Alcantara
On July 28, 2021

Did you receive your medications and panic because they look nothing like the ones you got last time? Do not worry; you’re not alone.

Medications can have a different color, shape, and size but contain the same active medication you took before.

For some generic medications, the generic product may look almost exactly like the brand-name product. Other generics may have a different shape, color, or size than the brand-name product. Because generics may be manufactured by many different companies, specific generic medications may be available in multiple different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Pharmacies may change manufacturers of generic products from time to time. This can occur if a certain manufacturer’s product becomes unavailable, or a different manufacturer may offer better pricing. Different pharmacies work with various manufacturers; getting your script filled by a new pharmacy increases the likelihood of getting different-looking pills each time the script is filled.

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