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Eye Infections
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What are the Common Eye Infections?

Many people will get an infection in their eye at some point in their lives. Common ones include bacterial infections such as a Stye or Conjunctivitis (pink eye).

Pink Eye Facts: It can be caused by allergies or a bacterial infection. It is extremely contagious, and is spread by contact with eye secretions from someone who is infected. For example, wiping your eye and not washing your hands can spread the infection via surface contact. Symptoms include redness, itching, and tearing of the eyes. It can also lead to discharge or crusting around the eyes, sometimes making it hard to open the eyes.

Stye Facts: A stye is a red, painful lump near the edge of the eyelid. It occurs when the small glands that line the eyelid get plugged. You're more likely to develop a stye if you frequently rub your eyes with unwashed hands or don't properly clean contact lenses. Styes are often filled with pus.


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Eye Infections

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