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Secure online doctor visits from the comfort of your home.

Discreet, quality telehealth visits at your fingertips

Start and end a telehealth visit in under 10 min

$20 per visit, with affordable medication delivery to home

Physician's network to support you nationwide

Available today for those in California, Texas, and Florida

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General Health

Be your best self.

100s of Prescription Options   6 Telehealth Options

From a minor stomach problem, to a new rash—we're here to help you get back to feeling your best.

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*We can only refill certain medications & conditions. Some refills will require further evaluation from additional healthcare providers.

General Health
Sexual Health

Let’s talk about sex.

45 Precription Options   3 Telehealth Visit Types

We help put your sexual and reproductive health in your own hands.

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Sexual Health
Skincare & Cosmetics

Glow up your way.

100s of Medications   7 Visit Types

Looking to treat a skin condition, or enhance your look? We can help.

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*Certain telehealth visits may require a photo

Skincare & Cosmetics

Our Patients Us

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear a little from our happy customers and their telehealth + prescription experience with GeniusClinic

I needed a refill on my inhaler, but because of COVID, my doctor’s office has a long waiting list.

I was able to start a visit, and get my Albuterol inhaler refill within a couple of days, and spent half the money I typically do!

Chris N.
GeniusClinic Customer

The visit was so simple.

I was able to complete the health questionnaire after a late-night shift. By the next morning, the doctor had sent my prescription into the pharmacy to get delivered!

Jasmine L.
GeniusClinic Customer

I love how private and simple this was.

The doctor’s survey took me less than 5 mins.

I received the evaluation and meds I needed without the fuss of going to my doctor’s office. I’ll definitely be back for my refills!

Sankeet S.
GeniusClinic Customer

How it Works

From getting answers on common health conditions to refilling medications and more, at GeniusClinic we can support your healthcare needs all from one place.

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2. Complete Visit

For $20, you can consult with a physician about your condition and concerns.

3. Get your Meds

Receive the evaluation and medications you need to get back to your healthiest self.

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The GeniusClinic team is made up of exceptional clinicians, pharmacists, and technologists that are passionate about human-centric care.

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