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Alcantara, Livia
Written by Livia Alcantara
On November 1, 2021

Fall provides some exceptional opportunities to recharge before the holidays and enter the new year as your best self.    

As glorious as fall is, it comes with busier schedules, cooler weather, and shorter days. Most people miss out on the beauty of fall, and before they know it, the holidays and new year are here.

That’s why it’s so crucial during autumn to slow down and practice gratitude, not only for all the great things that have happened this year but for all your efforts. 

What Is Self-Care & Why You Need It  

Unfortunately, stress is unavoidable. We all experience stress in our everyday lives to some degree, as it’s a natural part of life. We all know how harmful stress can be, so self-care is an essential part of mitigating stress and doing something for ourselves that makes us feel not only relaxed but confident. Without self-care, stress can build up to make us feel overwhelmed, fatigued, anxious, and in some cases even physically ill. For this reason, you should be implementing self-care year-round. Adding some seasonal self-care activities into your routine can provide variety and help you tap into different interests, feelings, and as well as offer once-in-a-year opportunities to try.  

Self-care helps us meet our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. The best way to choose a self-care activity is to check in with yourself and see how you feel and what could make you feel better. (Better can be healthier, more energized, more connected, happier, more fulfilled, etc.)   


For example, let’s say you feel self-conscious; a good activity might be to treat yourself to getting your nails done or booking a hair appointment to help you feel more confident. Some concerns might have multiple activities that can help you feel better. For example, you are feeling overwhelmed at work. A couple of activities can help, like scheduling 10-15 minute breaks throughout the day to focus on something other than work or grabbing lunch at your favorite lunch spot to unwind, or hitting the gym after work to sweat it out. We encourage everyone to listen to their bodies and take the time to replenish what is needed to bring you into balance.   

Add These Self-Care Items To Your List This Fall To Feel Renewed Going Into The Holiday Season  

1.) Get In-touch With Your Inner Child & Have Fall Fun  

Fall comes with tons of fun opportunities to relive some of your favorite fall childhood activities. Take advantage of getting in touch with your creative, fun-loving side by carving some pumpkins, getting crafty and making some DIY decorations for Halloween, or collecting leaves and making art with them. Get outdoors and enjoy the foliage during a hike or walk. Or you can host a chili cook-off and enjoy some football with friends if social settings fill your cup. Another fun seasonal activity is to grab the family and head to a pumpkin patch or take a hayride to enjoy quality time together.   

 2.) Enjoy A Warm Seasonal Drink  

 Now is a great time to enjoy a seasonal beverage that can double as a hand warmer with temperatures falling. Try a seasonal tea or hot apple cider or an infamous pumpkin spice latte.   

Truly savor and enjoy each sip of your beverage of choice. Use this time to take a few deep breaths, organize your thoughts if needed or let your mind go blank and enjoy the seasonal flavors. Enjoying a hot cup of any beverage can be a great break no matter what time of day you decide to enjoy it.   

3.) Combat Seasonal Shed And Gain Back Those Locks  

 During the fall months, lots of people notice they shed more of their hair. While this is totally normal, for some, this can cause a hit to one’s self-esteem and confidence. While preventing seasonal hair loss is impossible, it is possible to combat it with prescription medications such as Finasteride and MinoxidilThese medications encourage hair growth and combat hair loss so you can keep your hair and your confidence going into the holiday season.



4.) Practice Setting Boundaries & Saying No

This one might not seem like self-care at first glance but let us break it down as it’s one of the most significant pillars of self-care there is. Boundaries aren’t about changing others or controlling them; it’s about prioritizing yourself and your needs. With the holiday season right around the corner, our calendars and schedules start to get packed with invitations, expectations, traditions, to-do items, and vacations. It’s essential to understand and accept that not everything will get done or get your full attention, and that’s okay. To protect your mental health and keep you from being overloaded, you’ll have to say no to people and events. For instance, if you always host Thanksgiving dinner and you loathe it because it’s too stressful playing host, simply let everyone know in advance that you are passing on the tradition this year to someone who would like to host the event. By freeing up that extra time you would have spent hosting and preparing, you can now focus on something you love, like maybe seeing the Thanksgiving Day parade in your town with your family. 

5.) Getting that Extra Confidence Boost To Power You Through   

 Sometimes we need a little beauty time to pamper ourselves and make us feel like the king or queen we are. This beauty time can serve as a fabulous time out from the world to truly relax and unwind, but it also doubles as a significant confidence boost that can make us feel ready to slay any task at hand. Whether you decide to schedule a massage at your favorite spa in town or give yourself a fresh pedicure at home with all the fixings, you will surely feel more at ease and feel more put together. While it’s essential to indulge in some much-needed pampering, getting medications to help you look and feel your best can also be a crucial part of your self-care routine.  

Fitting In Self-Care   

Self-care doesn’t need to be an all-or-nothing venture. There are many great options and ideas for practicing self-care; however, one can feel tempted to do it all, leading to feelings of missing out. While self-care is vital, don’t feel tempted to do all you can in a day; quality over quantity is key. The point of self-care is to recharge, relax, address, and fix how you are feeling. If you are running through self-care items mindlessly, how much time did you give yourself to achieve what self-care is about?   

Don’t feel pressured to start big; take baby steps if you are new to self-care. A small 10-15 minute activity once a day can be a great starting point. Something is better than nothing in this case.   


You owe it to yourself to treat yourself, prioritize yourself, and make yourself happy.  

If you ever need support on this journey, Geniusrx is here! Our team is always here if you have any questions, and we will continue to sprinkle in self care content to keep you inspired along your journey.    

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