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Stress & Gut Health: Get Back to Feeling Your Best

Ness, Natasha
Written by Natasha Ness
On July 21, 2021

The gut-brain connection

Stomach or intestinal problems, such as heartburn, cramps, loose stools, are related to stress, and it affects millions of Americans.

The thought of eating alone can kick start the digestive process, and a stressed out brain can send signals to the digestive organs as well. It’s amazing how a person’s stomach or intestinal distress can be the cause or the product of anxiety, stress, or depression.1

This interconnection of your brain and gut is more the reason why you should maintain both.

7 ways to help reduce stress

Stress can be alleviated by getting some good habits into your day-to-day!2

Exercise: Lowers your stress hormones, better sleep, and boost confidence!

Mindfulness: Breathing exercises & meditating to combat negative thinking.

Diary: Recording stress or jotting down gratitude to combat stress.

Therapy: Seeing a professional will always be helpful.

Socialize: Socializing releases oxytocin and naturally builds a support network.

Learn to say no: Be selective about things you can and can’t take on.

Anxiety Medication: When prescribed by a doctor, medication can greatly reduce stress.  There is a list of available medications below!

7 ways to improve gut health

Implement these small changes to your day to see how your stomach symptoms can improve!3

Eat Smaller Portions. Make it easier on your stomach and reduce gas by eating smaller portions.

Eat more slowly. digestions starts long beofre the food reaches your stomach.

Eliminate potentianally irriatating foods. Take time to eliminate certain foods and see if you improve.

Drink more water. Being dehydrated can cause problems with digestion and elimination.

Lower your caffeine intake. Caffeine can be an irritant for sensitive stomachs.

Reduce your stress. Take time to make stress management a priority every day.

Medications for you stomach issues. Ask your doctor for specific advice and recommendations. there is a list of available medications below!

Anxiety medications

Generic Celexa


See More

Generic Zoloft

Sertraline Hcl

See More

Stomach medications

Generic Pepcid


See More

Generic Prilosec


See More

Additional article sources:  1. Harvard Health  2.  Healthline  3. Healthline

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