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Become a provider for GeniusClinic— a Telehealth platform powered by GeniusRx.

We'll help you connect with patients for online consults wherever you are—and wherever they are. GeniusClinic is making it easier than ever to provide people with personal access to the care they need, and easier for providers like you to work on your own schedule, from the location of your choice.

Become a Provider

How it Works

We're looking for board-certified, licensed physicians and nurse practitioners to join our Telehealth team.

1. Apply Now

Apply in minutes with GeniusRx and undergo a background check to be added to our Telehealth network of licensed providers. This takes about one week to process.

2. Treat Patients

Once onboard, you can accept appointment requests and visit with patients on your own schedule, from anywhere nationwide.

3. Earn More

With our reliable, convenient, and HIPPA compliant platform, you can get paid to do what you do best—provide exceptional care to patients who need you.

Use your genius to improve healthcare—join us today.

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Help Patients Nationwide Get Affordable Care

Telehealth is booming, and it's allowing more patients than ever before to get the care and service they need.

At GeniusClinic, we believe that healthcare is for everyone—and we can't wait to have providers like you join our team. With your help, we can help patients start their journey to better health today—this is healthcare made easy.

Better healthcare

Better healthcare for a better world.

Apply today to provide the care people deserve—all from the comfort and convenience of home.

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